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Hitler won Germany because he captured the youth. Well, the young fellow finally decided to turn aside from Christ and to join the Youth Bann, and he went goose-stepping off with Hitler. Materialism and materialistic values seem so dominant, and spiritual values seem so inconsequential; secularism and all of the rewards of pleasure and amusement and this life seem so large, from horizon to horizon, and the things of Christ seem so small. Why revival tarries. Now let us look at ourselves.

Let us look inside of our churches and inside of our hearts and inside of our testimony in this age of materialism and secularism. I see it on every side and on every hand.

Why Revival Tarries

It is because our people have forgotten God in the schools, in the colleges, in national places, in high places and in low. We have turned away from God. But to come back to us, no, I do not see anywhere any sign of that revival—but the opposite, the very diametrical opposite! Last week there was placed in my hand a little brochure, a little booklet about like that, and it was full of cartoons.

I turned and looked at it. I never seen anything so pertinent and so a tragically descriptive of our modern life as I looked in that series of cartoons. That is the modern family altar; that was the first cartoon. Those cartoons continue. And if I were to ask you to come up here and pray, there would be two or three of you to pray. One of the men in the church got very angry at me because I pressed that appeal to come and pray. I have given it up; I do not press it anymore.

There is not the spirit of testimony or of intercession in us. We are spiritually dead, dead, dead! There is no sign of revival; there is none at all, none at all. Then another cartoon, we have a—nor do I think that I will be able to change it. I do not look for it. I have given it up.

There is an unmalleableness, there is a hardness of heart, there is an unresponsiveness in our souls that I cannot break. I have taken it to God; I have prayed; I have given it up. Let him alone. You will not respond, so I drop it.

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I leave it. The cartoons ended with two, and one was this: it was a cartoon of a church and the people were on their faces, and on their knees, and in sobs and tears confessing their sins, their sins! I need to confess my sins. God be merciful to me. Then the last cartoon was—and I do not think I will see it—the last cartoon was a cartoon of national revival.

The churches are aflame, and delinquencies, and alcoholism, and crime have disappeared. That comes from the purity of the presence and blessing of God. Now listen to me carefully, listen to me carefully, for this pertains to us and is the message for us today; we, in this First Baptist Church in Dallas. Now listen to me: when the church at Jerusalem was destroyed by legalistic Judaism, the Spirit of God was poured out in gracious power in Antioch and in Ephesus.

And when the churches of Antioch and Ephesus lost their witness in formalism, the church at Malan became a flame for God! And when the churches in North Africa lost their first love, the churches of Gaul were turning the barbarians there and the pagans there to Jesus! And when Mohammad—the avenging sword of the Lord against idolatry—destroyed all the churches in the Levant, in Asia Minor, in Palestine, and in northern Africa, at that very moment the scholars of Iona were pouring forth and evangelizing the Anglo-Saxons, our forefathers.

Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill - Book - Read Online

And when France became dead in the darkness of superstition and Catholicism, the morning stars of the Reformation were beginning to rise in England! And when Italy became a field of dry stubble, at that time the fields of Moravia and Bohemia were whitening to the harvest! And when the Unitarian defection destroyed and emptied the churches of New England, at that time the pioneer preacher was pouring over the Alleghenies and evangelizing the great heartland of America, and in that great onward pressure I was converted as a boy in northwest Texas.

The possibility of revival is in any church, in any time, in any day, in any generation, and always in the world somewhere there is revival! Right now there are places in this earth where there is great searching of God, an outpouring of the Spirit of heaven, and that is my assurance for us. My fellow prayer partners and yoke ministers in this First Baptist Church in Dallas, however it is there beyond, and however there beyond, and however around us and beyond, we can have revival in this church and in this place.

We can have it.

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God can open windows of heaven for us. God can do it mightily, and He will! May I just point it out, may I just point it out? Lord—however there may be apostasy there, and falling away yonder, and denial, however we may live in a sea, in a veritable flood of materialism and secularism and indifference—Lord, we are opening our hearts, the doors of our church, our houses, homes, our souls to Thee.

Lord, Lord, send us revival! There are three things in it. There are fifteen thousand members in the church. You see, our souls are dead, we are not responsive. And faithfulness in our witness. Why, a mother and a father will bring to me a child and come over there to my study, and every, every week is that several times, and that little child will sit there before me; why, I never feel so unable and inadequate as I do before the least little child. How do you convert a soul?

I cannot convert, but I can witness, and I must and should.

Why Revival Tarries by Henry Blackaby - Part 2

The second one is prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer. God made it in His infinite wisdom that He answers, but our people must ask. I do not know. God just made it so, that we must pray. Jesus prayed.

Why Revival Tarries

Jesus prayed, Jesus prayed, and God answered [John ]. Why does revival tarry? Listen to the word of the prophet Isaiah:. There is a block between us and God because of our sins and our iniquities. Oh, we say that means getting particularly, increasingly holy; sanctification, consecration. Oh, no! Lord, I do this, I do this that somebody else might be blessed, and that somebody else may be in the circle of your home, may be in the circle of your family.

The message is fearless and often radical as he expounds on the disparity between the New Testament church and the church today. Why Revival Tarries contains the heart of his message. Tozer called Ravenhill "a man sent from God" who "appeared at [a] critical moment in history," just as the Old Testament prophets did.

Included are questions for group and individual study. Ravi Zacharias refers to this as "the book that shaped me Product Details Author: Leonard Ravenhill. Format: Paperback.

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