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Sharp Dressed Man empowers men to improve their lives - equipping men in the Baltimore and LA areas who are preparing for work through job training programs with recycled suits for job interviews. Our professional presentation program gives men confidence and a professional look as they prepare for job interviews. We bridge a critical gap between job development programs that provide training and the remaining skills and look needed to be considered for and obtain employment. Sharp Dressed Man is the only program of its kind in the area, and our services are desperately needed in Baltimore and beyond.

Sharp Dressed Man equips men who are ready for work with a measure-to-fit, one on one styling experience resulting in a hand selected suit and accessories to wear to interviews and other occasions. He's a male character in a work by Tamora Pierce , who has a definite tendency to write these characters, and a bit of a dandy.

Briar might count too, simply because his foster-sister Sandry, an avid seamstress, wouldn't allow him to leave the house in any other mode of dress. Bosch notes an occasion where Edgar arrives at a homicide scene in jeans and a t-shirt and suspects that he dressed down to avoid the "dirty work" of notifying the victim's next of kin. The Hearts We Sold : The Daemon appears to the heartless troop as a handsome gentleman in a nice suit. Howl in Howl's Moving Castle , even before one of his suits gets accidentally enchanted by Sophie.

Book 2 of The Kingkiller Chronicle gives us this gem from Count Threpe: "know a lady by her manner, a man by his cloth. Nero Wolfe is noted as being an incredibly well-dressed man. He is obsessive about how neat his clothes are. He also sleeps in silk pajamas. Sherlock Holmes was always considered this and, contrary to the stereotype, would never commit such an embarrassing fashion faux pas as to wear an outfit for the countryside, a deerstalker, and an Inverness cape, in the city.

In Time Scout It turns out Malcolm's quietly a clothes horse. His favorite persona for Victorian London is as an eccentric globe-trotting gentleman and he has to keep up with changing styles. Contrast Ancient Rome , where he's usually a collared slave, which is how he was dressed in the opening.

Dimitri from Vampire Academy is always well-dressed and well put together. He looks stylish when wearing his dusters. Live-Action TV. Very characteristic of '70s detective shows. Comedies as well—see Det. Ron Harris on Barney Miller , easily the best-dressed guy in the squad room. Derren Brown has a fairly distinctive three-piece, with a no-tie look that he likes. Combined with his trademark goatee, and it might as well be a uniform. Jimmy Carr is nearly always decked out in an increasingly delicious array of suits. It should also be mentioned that his hair is just as impeccable as his style, with nary a lock out of place even when he's sharing an ice bath with a particularly friendly Georgie Thompson.

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Most of Hugh Laurie 's pre- House characters. Black Adder the Third : Prince George may be the most stupid Upper-Class Twit in England, but he also has the allegedly biggest wardrobe as well His main expenditure are socks. Jeeves and Wooster : Most of the male cast. In Bertie's case, it's only through Jeeves' best efforts.

Keith Olbermann is another notably snappy dresser. As of , he has been hired by Gentlemen's Quarterly to do political reports while wearing really nice suits.

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Angel : Gunn after getting his brain upgrade—he stops wearing the suit after discovering what the upgrade cost him. Face from The A-Team is always impeccably dressed, a characteristic of most of actor Dirk Benedict 's characters.

In Auction Kings , Jamie wears some very strange but stylish suits. Burn Notice : When not running a job, Michael seems to prefer wearing Armani suits. Or Michael himself: Michael, selling his cover to the sniper pointing a rifle at him : The label? The label is Armani. Cops don't fit Armani. It was apparently inspired by a movie starring Sean Connery.

It's also a subversion - the narrator is totally overdressed and looks more like a fop than anything else. Mod bands have this trope as one of their tenets. The Who pre-Woodstock is a good example. Enforced for The Beatles in their pre- Yellow Submarine days — they all dressed alike, and they all looked impeccable, with matching haircuts, suits, and shoes.

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Left to their own devices, things were a little different; Paul kept it up, but Ringo and George leaned heavily on the dandy side, while John , more often than not, was a raging slob. This soon overlapped with their embracing of Music Videos. Robert Palmer was almost always seen in a suit on stage or in music videos. This is more or less Franz Ferdinand 's M. Of course, these get into various states of disarray as a show goes on. Nick Cave is rarely seen not wearing a suit. British Blackened Death Metal band Akercocke are rarely seen without their snazzy, turn-of-the-century style suits, sometimes with sharp facial hair to match.

Alexander Rybak is, at his most informal, wearing a vest and slacks. Helps that he's Adorkable as all hell. Steam Powered Giraffe. Tosin Abasi will wear a suit every so often. Pro Wrestling. Ur-Example is Ric Flair , especially during his title reigns in the '80s and as leader of the Four Horsemen. He still manages to look every bit as put-together and "Slick Ric" now, though. And the rest of the Horsemen aren't too shabby themselves, especially during their WCW reformation, walking around in tuxedos. The ultimate example is undoubtedly Vince McMahon himself, who favors dark colors, pinstripes, and wiiiiide shoulder pads that make him look practically hulking and he's already a fairly large man.

In his younger years, he often wore brighter colors, and during the Attitude Era, he tended to go with plain black dress shirts and jackets. Popular folklore has it that he even has the crotch of his pants tailored as loose as possible so that his famous "grapefruits" will swing all the more masculinely as he swaggers down to the ring. Of course he fully realizes and plays up that they do in fact make him look like a supervillain.

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The extraneous use of unnecessarily complicated words certainly doesn't help. The Miz has also been known to suit up on occasion, even going so far as to don a s-era waistcoat. Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues : To show off his wealth, Finn Flannagan is always decked out in impeccable dress, his standard attire being a red dress shirt, tie, and light slacks. Sarah Travers, as a government agent, always wears a snazzy black suit while on the job. Not only that, but she has a preference for more colourful, stylish suits while off the clock.

Tabletop Games. Aberrant includes the Style skill to represent a character's fashion sense.

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Empathic clothing grants a bonus. In The Golden Apple , Ulysses and the boys have a song about how smart they look dressed up in store-bought suits. The Wiz and his subjects of the Emerald City don snazzy outfits when Dorothy and her friends first meet them. Video Games. Art of Fighting has a few of these; most notably: Italian stallion Robert Garcia , who's always dressed to the nines.

There's also series antagonist, Mr. Big , who comes complete with A Lady on Each Arm. Ace Attorney : Everyone's favorite cravat-wearing prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth.

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Who cares if he wears magenta? Just about all the guys in suits except probably Winston Payne , who wears bright green sometimes could count here. Justified Trope considering their job description requires it. Castlevania : The other Alucard, who is edging in on The Dandy. In the 18th century, he wears period-appropriate finery in black with white and gold trimmings, topped with a red-lined black cloak; in the near future, his Paper-Thin Disguise consists of a perfectly tailored double-breasted suit, still black, with a blood-red pocket square.

All of the Resident Evil 4 ports give the option to dress Leon in a sexy 's mobster suit. Devil Survivor 2 : The male Tico, dressed in a suit and tie with an Osbaldeston knot.

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It's actually just a rip-off, cheap suit by Armanyo. And the uniform of JP's, in general. But Yamato improves it with a Badass Longcoat that has a rather military design to it. Katsuya's outfit falls a little too far down into business casual to quite fit, while Baofu's suit should count He thinks he's pulling it off anyway. Tatsuzou Sudou, Japan's Foreign Minister and a major antagonist, pulls it off a lot better.

Persona 3 Portable allows the purchase of tuxedo armor for all the guys including Ken but, oddly, not the male main character , allowing either lead to exterminate Shadows and various other evil with a team full of Badasses In Nice Suits. In the main game itself, Akihiko's casual clothes tend to be very well-tailored and sharp, namely his white winter clothes. Persona 4 Golden gives us the Agent Suits, male or female, complete with sunglasses to wear in the fog.

In Team Fortress 2 , the Spy is this, despite his work being on a battlefield. He sometimes sarcastically laments his victims getting blood on his suit, and even has a knife in his sleeve named "The Sharp Dresser" it's a promotional weapon from the Assassin's Creed series. The Dead of Night is an all class-item that pretty much makes all the mercenaries look nice.