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It doesnt matter what happens, but you need to grieve regardless. You need to remember that 23 years have passed, and a LOT happens in 23 years. The person she is now is NOT the person 23 years ago. Shes completely different. She has different goals, dreams and anxieties.

Obsessing? Here are 3 Ways to Get Him Off Your Mind.

Just think what happens when you need to deal with those!!! Then what! Then all the beautiful things you thought about here is gone. You actually have no idea what she would be like with your children, with you, what happens when things go wrong or go bad. You will assume its rainbows and butterflies. Shes a totally NEW person — treat her has such. My case is somewhat similar to yours. But the thing is that I am married.

And after 15 years away from my ex, we reconnected and that brought back memories. We never really got over each other and that is affecting my marriage because my focus has shifted totally. But now, I am in the process of letting go totally and facing my new life. My Ex acknowledges my position but maintains that we still be friends. What do you think? Thank you. The man I have loved for 11 years is unfortunately a Narcissist and has just discarded me for the second time to go back to the same ex-girlfriend.

I am doing what I can — hitting the gym, new haircut, going out with friends, riding my motorbike, dating, keeping busy, etc, etc and I guess time heals all.

12 Ways to Get Him Out of Your Head

Anyway, thanks for the advice. What about if you work with them? I aad a year of counselling about year after it ended. And even met the person and discussed what happens after 2 years.

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For a brief time after things were OK. But then it just felt like it doubled down.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him – Reason #2: Chemistry

Blocking them out and ignoring them only does so much. Even having dreams about it. I am in the same situation. I work with my ex who I am still deeply in love with. I need some help!!! I think I might need some therapy to get over him! Please someone help me!!! Just someone help me!!

I walk. I work. I sit. Please help!!! Nothing has helped me. Help me please!!! The first one lasted 6 months long. And the third lasted about almost 2 weeks. So someone help me get over him!!!

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  • He manspreads . . . sort of.!

Amira, I found out that I am codependent partner. I am learning to heal and break this dependency on another person. Helen Mia Harris really helped me. I watched her YouTube videos and ordered some of her books. It is shocking to me how one person could shake ground under my feet. I always was happy and independent in a good way. We have to rediscover ourselves, love ourselves. Check Helen Mia Harris. She is very helpful, when I heard her talk I felt like she knew me.

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  4. I hope I helped you at least a little. And know that you are not alone, and you will heal. Amira, Options suggested in this article may work for few and may not for others. Travel to some unknown place , without any plans , without any schedules. Just pack your bags , and then head out.

    However the truth is there cannot be anyone who knows about you , your likes, your feel and ofcourse your love — other than you. Time and Travel will expand your mind , heart and makes you forget all those sad feelings. In a population of 1. So Travel and you will eventually find your most lovable person in this which is YOU. Good Luck. The article has some really good advice. Anger why has she done this to me! Eventually getting to the acceptance stage, or so I thought.

    Discover The Life-Changing Benefits of Mindful Living

    Amira I feel your pain too — I thought I was going crazy until I have found all the replies to this and found a little comfort I am not a weirdo with an obsession! I hate myself each time I do. We actually just had our 4 year anniversary a couple of weeks ago and we were planning to move together soon. After 4 years, I think I deserved at least a phone call. But the internet is a wonderful place and you can find great advice from people with tons of experience.

    Tonight I will go out with some friends to a stand up comedy show. Tomorrow, my parents will visit 3. Next week I will go out with an old friend and on Friday I already have an appointment with a therapist. I am sure the worst is yet to come and that I will feel like crap for a while, but what I am trying to do is understanding that these things happen.

    How to Stop Thinking About Someone FAST

    They can happen to anyone, at anytime. The risk of your heart getting broken. I wish heartbreak to no one. You never realize who much it sucks until you it happens. Stay strong, go to therapy and do as much stuff as you can, specially if you are young. Please seek some help. Do you have any therapists near you? It helps to talk to someone who is trained in the field and can help you through this. Moreover, online therapists often are much cheaper. Dear OS,. KARMA in simple terms is nothing but a reminder of our past actions.

    If she would had the same love for you , she may come back to you and even if she comes back , Are you certain that she will stay for long? This insecurity willnot allow your relationship to last longer hence the best suggestion is to focus on your children and start believing that its your KARMA which is now teaching you lessons for your betterment.